Preparing for information security

Many cybersecurity careers may require strong IT experience.

I once worked in IT technical support a few years ago in 2014. It exposed me to working with the hardware of desktop computers, physical network components and managing operations such as service requests and helping end-users resolve technical issues. However, being young and indecisive, I failed to follow through with this path and began trying out different jobs from other areas wishing to find a golden ticket.

Unlike the fortunate individuals who knew exactly what they want to do from the start and dabbled in it from an early age, it took me years of self-discovery and setbacks to realize that IT is indeed something that ultimately appeals to my interest and goals,  Therefore, I guess I’ll just have to work my way into it.

Given my lack of formal IT qualification, it will be hard to convince any employer that I can work and contribute effectively in information technology. Hence, perhaps a lot of self-learning is necessary.




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